The Mystery of Super Mario 64's Unopenable Door is Finally Solved
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The Mystery of Super Mario 64’s Unopenable Door is Finally Solved

Gamers, rejoice! A 28-year-old mystery surrounding the iconic Nintendo 64 game, Super Mario 64, has finally been cracked. The long-rumored “unopenable door” located on the “Cool, Cool Mountain” level has finally been breached, revealing… well, we won’t provide you spoilers here! Read the blog to know more.

This elusive door has taunted players since the game’s release in 1996. Countless number of theories circulated online, with some believing it held a secret level, hidden characters, or even a developer message. However, despite years of dedicated exploration and the rise of online communities fostering collaboration, the door remained stubbornly shut.

Finally, Broke the Door!

The breakthrough came from a dedicated gamer known online as “pannenkoek2012.” Through meticulous testing and pixel-perfect execution in the game, pannenkoek2012 discovered a specific sequence of actions that allows Mario to enter the previously inaccessible doorway. This technique involves strategically maneuvering Mario at a precise frame rate, highlighting the incredible depth and complexity hidden within the game’s code.

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What Lies Beyond the Door?

While the contents of the newly accessible area remain under wraps, the discovery has sent shockwaves through the gaming community. Social media is abuzz with speculation, with some gamers theorizing the existence of a hidden warp zone leading to unexplored sections of the game. Others believe the area might hold unused assets or even developer easter eggs.

Enduring Passion of Gamers

This discovery is a testament to the enduring passion of gamers and the constant evolution of gaming communities. Even after nearly three decades, players are still uncovering secrets and pushing the boundaries of seemingly well-explored games. It’s a reminder that the joy of gaming goes beyond simply completing a level; it’s about exploration, discovery, and the thrill of the unknown. Can you imagine, even after 28 years people are still trying to break the level and move to the next one?

What’s Next for Super Mario 64?

The unlocking of this door has the potential to spark renewed interest in Super Mario 64, a game that continues to hold a special place in the hearts of millions. Fans are now asking what can we expect. Remakes with updated graphics or gameplay mechanics are always a possibility. The success of the Switch Online version shows Nintendo recognizes the enduring appeal. While not a direct sequel, future 3D Mario games might borrow elements or concepts from Super Mario 64. Keep an eye out for new Mario titles.


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