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What sets Airchat apart?

Naval Ravikant’s Airchat is the New Audio-Based Social Network You Need an
Invite to Join

Imagine a social platform born from the best of Clubhouse and X (formerly Twitter)
—that’s Airchat. Created by AngelList founder Naval Ravikant and Tinder co-
founder Brian Norgard, Airchat is making waves as an exclusive, invite-only social
media app that’s entirely audio-based.

So, what sets Airchat apart?

Much like X, Airchat lets users post updates, but with a twist: these posts are audio
clips instead of text or images. Each audio note comes with a real-time transcription,
allowing others to either listen to the clip or read the text. To create a post, simply tap
the microphone button and start recording. Users can also respond to posts with their
own audio notes.

Accessing Airchat is all about exclusivity. You can download the app from the App
Store or Google Play Store, but joining requires an invite. Once installed, Airchat
scans your contacts for existing users who can grant you access. This invite-only
model adds to its allure, similar to the celebrity-favorite app, Raya.

As the buzz around Airchat grows, time will tell if it becomes the next big thing in
social media or fades away like Clubhouse. Till then let us wait to know the final
verdict from the users!

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