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Google Expands Gemini AI to Older Android Versions: Key Details

Earlier this year, Google launched its AI-powered feature, Gemini, for Android devices. Initially, this feature was only accessible on devices running Android 12 and newer versions. Recently, Google has extended Gemini’s compatibility to cover devices running Android 10 and Android 11 as well.

With the latest updates to the app, Gemini can now be installed on any device running Android 10 or higher, expanding its reach beyond the original Android 12 requirement, according to 9To5Google.

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When Google first unveiled Gemini for Android, the company specified that it would only be available to users with devices running Android 12 or newer. All subsequent updates maintained this requirement, keeping Android 12 as the minimum version for compatibility.

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The latest iteration of Gemini for Android, version 1.0.626720042, now supports installation on devices with Android 10. Users can download the app via the Play Store on these older versions of the operating system.

In other news, a new feature, “Music,” is expected to be introduced in the Gemini settings. This feature will likely enable users to select their preferred music streaming services, such as Spotify. Once chosen, Gemini is expected to integrate seamlessly with the selected service, allowing users to control music playback via voice commands.

This anticipated update is poised to significantly enhance the functionality of Gemini. If accurate, users who rely on streaming services will finally gain the desired feature, simplifying music control and eliminating the need for cumbersome workarounds.

This update was first noted by Sumanta Das on X (formerly Twitter). The report confirmed the added support on a Google Pixel device running Android 10. After updating the Google app and Play Services, the experience of using Gemini closely matched that on newer devices.

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