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India’s Esports and Game Development Sector Can Create More Jobs: The CII


New Delhi – Despite India’s gaming industry poised for rapid growth, the Confederation of Indian Industry has said that the India’s esports & game development sector can create more jobs. Mr. R. Dinesh, President of CII at the India Gaming Show in Pune recently concluded, said: “India is a country with immense potential for creating new paths for intellectual property and for esports.” Mr. Dinesh underlined the importance of the sector’s growth, predicting exponential growth in years to come. He stressed the importance of Esports, video games, and their transformational journey.

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Indonesia made its debut as a guest country in the sixth edition, which featured over 70 exhibitors representing ten countries. India’s game sector, which has a current global market share of less than 1%, holds enormous potential for expansion. This is due to the current trends that are affecting PC, mobile and console games. Mr. Dinesh said India is “the unique opportunity to spearhead the development of tailor-made games, ensuring both global and domestic products attain global recognition.”

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Mr. Chandrajit Banerjee – Director General, CII – said that the growing sector needs a responsible political framework. He highlighted the importance “of socialising responsible game practices to educate people and promote ethical usage.” Mr. Banerjee has also emphasized that innovation and skill building in the field are important for increasing the pool of talent available and transforming the demographics.” He also cited a 49 per-cent increase of the number of females working in the area.

Scope on Indian Game Development sector:

It is true that the overall participation of women in Indian gaming industry is pretty low when compared with other similar industries. But this dearth of women participation is also significantly low in global gaming industry. When qualitative survey conducted by Scope magazine revealed multiple factors for this paucity of women participation in Indian gaming industry. One being our socio-cultural fabric that prohibits girls to indulge in video games. Thus there is an significant volume of ingrained apathy for games or game related career choices among girls.

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Secondly, over adherence to conventional educational choices like Academic, Research, HR etc. remains the primary choice for majority of Indian girls. Third but one of the most important reason being lack of awareness initiatives both from the government and the industry. Despite all these hindrances, we believe that India has the potential to overcome these hindrances and emerge as the mecca of global gaming giants.

Ever since India became the largest consumer of online games in 2020, both central and state governments are also encouraging esports and skill development initiatives in gaming. The growing popularity of gaming has not only enticed governments but also premium institutes like IITs to reap the benefit of gaming technology. As the topic suggests India’s Esports and Game development sector can create more jobs, stands absolutely true with collaborative efforts both from the government as well as the industry.


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