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Local Talents Dazzles at Global Game Jam Kolkata

1st February, Kolkata, West Bengal: In the heart of Kolkata, creativity sparked, and innovation flourished as the city played host to “The Global Game Jam” (GGJ), the world’s largest designing and game development event. From January 26th to January 28th, 2024, the vibrant atmosphere echoed with the excitement of game developers, and designers alike, converging to participate in this international event.

The Global Game Jam (GGJ) serves as a remarkable testament to the boundless power of collaboration and creativity that transcends geographical limitations. With participants from 131 countries, this global event has successfully brought together aspiring game developers and designers. A staggering 79,182+ games were created this year, showcasing the incredible talent and innovation within the gaming community. In India, the participation spanned across 12 states, including major cities such as Delhi (56 participants), Mumbai (32 participants), Bangalore (136 participants), Dehradun (111 participants), Ahmadabad (172 participants), Chandigarh (39 participants), Chennai (51participants), Pune (39 participants), Sricity (128 participants), Hyderabad (78 participants), Roorkee (46 participants) and Kolkata (23 participants).

The Kolkata region, represented by 23 participants, featured students who are specializing in game development and 2D game art, including the remarkable trio- Sahil Sarkar, Tanmay Mukherjee, and Amit Kumar, alongside Dippendu Hazra of Red Apple Learning. Together, they achieved a significant milestone by submitting their collaborative game, “Tomato Takedown,” within the challenging 48-hour timeframe of the jam. Much like a hackathon, the GGJ inspires participants to unleash their creativity based on a central theme unveiled at the beginning of the event. This convergence of talent and dedication marks the GGJ as a pivotal platform for fostering innovation and camaraderie in the dynamic realm of game development.

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The structure of the GGJ in Kolkata mirrored its global counterpart. Participants gathered on a Friday late afternoon to witness a video keynote, featuring advice from eminent game developers around the world. As the clock ticked, a secret theme was revealed, serving as the creative catalyst for all jammers. The challenge was set: create compelling games based on the theme, with the final products to be unveiled by Sunday afternoon.

Satyajit Chakraborty, organizer of the Global Game Jam in Kolkata, emphasized the event’s importance. He highlighted that the GGJ brings together gaming enthusiasts globally and provides a platform for local talents to showcase their skills on the world stage. The event serves as an encouraging space for young minds to explore innovative ideas and forge their way to success in the gaming industry.

Tanmay Mukherjee, one of the participants, shared his enthusiasm for the event, saying, “I enjoyed the event very much. I needed to apply the applications or the knowledge acquired from my mentor during my game development course. Additionally, not only did we get to know so many things that will undoubtedly aid our transformative journey to becoming successful game developers, but we also learned the art of teamwork. Special tips from fellow budding game developers added a unique layer to our experience.”

The GGJ in Kolkata proved to be more than a competition – it was a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and the indomitable spirit of local talents. These budding game developers and designers not only created games but also crafted memories and experiences that will undoubtedly shape their future endeavors in the ever-evolving world of gaming. The Global Game Jam stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities when passion meets innovation.

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