krafton india announced pre registration of their debut indian themed game named garuda saga
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Garuda Saga- BGMI owner Krafton India launches pre-registration of their debut Indian-themed game

6th Feb, Kolkata: Prepare yourself, adventurers! Krafton India, best known for global hits like TERA, PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), along with Alchemist Games announced the pre-registration launch for Garuda Saga: India’s First Mobile RPG Experience now available for pre registration on Google Play Store and Apple App Store with exclusive rewards available to early registrants!

Set Out on a Mythical Journey:

Garuda Saga follows the mythical character Garuda as he embarks on his mission to rescue King Allu from the abyss of hell. There are 19 story chapters, each offering 15 multi-wave levels. The proposed game stands out as a fantasy RPG title while it also offers skill upgrades for its protagonist character.

Krafton highlights that Garuda Saga offers fresh narrative, characters and elements specifically tailored for Indian audiences. “A unique mobile game that intricately weaves together trilling gameplay with rich Indian narrative” said Anuj Sahani, Lead of Garuda Saga & Krafton Incubator Program Head.

Unleash Epic Powers:

Gain Epic powers by collecting and upgrading mythical weapons and armor, master devastating combat skills and unlock divine abilities to conquer enemies! Furthermore, the game also offers an exhilarating combat experience, from facing towering Demons to Confronting Celestial Beings! Providing both strategic depth with intuitive action gameplay!

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Join Early Access:

Be among the first to experience Garuda Saga when it releases later this year by pre-registering now and be among the first to experience an epic adventure when it launches later. By pre-registering you’ll gain exclusive rewards, early access to the game, and have an opportunity to shape its development through community feedback. Moreover, Krafton has promised special pre-registration rewards as a unique starter pack upon its official release!

How to Pre-Register Garuda Saga:

Simplifying Registration on Android or Apple:

  • Open either of the stores (Google Play Store and/or App Store).
  • When in either store, search and locate Garuda Saga and
  • Tap “Pre-Register”.


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Krafton Inc is a South Korean entertainment company best known for developing and publishing globally popular video games such as PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India. Established in 2018, Krafton strives to deliver exciting gaming experiences to audiences around the globe.


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