Nazara Technologies' esports subsidiary NODWIN Gaming will make an investment of EUR8 Million (71.8 C) into German marketing services company Freaks 4U Gaming
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NODWIN Injects Fresh Capital into Freaks 4U, Fueling eSports Ecosystem

NODWIN Expands Portfolio, Supports Freaks 4U Again for Domination in the eSports Market.

Nazara Technologies’ esports subsidiary NODWIN Gaming will invest EUR 8 Million (INR 71.8 Cr) into German marketing services company Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH which specializes in gaming and esports marketing services. Just days ago, NODWIN Gaming invested an amount equivalent to INR 33.26 Cr in Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH through convertible notes.

Under this agreement, NODWIN and Freaks 4U Gaming will begin sharing resources from each other’s key regions, including staff as well as equipment and facilities. Furthermore, NODWIN will have access to Freaks 4U Gaming’s network across advanced markets as well as PC ecosystem services provided by Freaks 4U Gaming; Freaks 4U Gaming in turn will gain access to NODWIN’s market-leading network and facility capabilities in mobile youth culture and esports ecosystems according to filing. NODWIN will appoint Niels Wolter of Madison Solar Consulting as part of Freaks 4U Gaming advisory board in order to advise them on strategy, operations and integration between both companies in order to create synergies.

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NODWIN was established by Akshat Rathee and Gautam Virk in 2014 as an esports, game development firm offering Valorant as its primary product alongside PUBG. Over time the firm has expanded globally across South Asia, Singapore, Middle East and Turkey. Partnership between professional esports teams, athletes and content creators; it is supported by entities like Nazara, KRAFTON Inc, Sony Group Corporation and JetSynthesys.

Parent company also raised new capital of INR 515 crore from investors like Zerodha’s Nikhil Kamal and SBI Mutual Fund, according to Inc42’s reporting. CEO Nitish Mittersain stated in response that these funds will be utilized in gaming studios that create high-quality games designed for both Indian and global markets.

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Freaks 4U in Berlin is an esports and games marketing agency with expertise ranging from strategic consultation to offline and online activations – boasting what they claim is advanced broadcasting capabilities. Michael Haenisch, CEO of Freaks 4U Gaming, said “Under Rathee’s leadership, NODWIN has become a force to be reckoned with in the emerging market and the global landscape of gaming and esports.” Rathee said, “Our collaborative journey with Freaks is growing stronger, especially in the realms of PC and mobile gaming. We hold continuous admiration for the team at Freaks as we jointly explore new avenues for cooperation.”

NODWIN has recently embarked on an aggressive growth strategy through acquisitions and investments, most recently announced by their full stake purchase of Comic Con India for INR 55 crore ($6 Million) through cash and stock exchange transactions. The company made headlines last year when it acquired 51% in mediatech startup Branded for $1.3 Million through a cash-only deal that cost them only $0.9 Million. NODWIN also acquired stakes in Branded during April. Furthermore, their gaming accessories company Wings acquired 35% ownership for INR 10.01 Cr. Additionally, NODWIN purchased 100% ownership in Planet Superheroes back in January 2022.



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