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Transforming Visions into Reality: Empowering Bengal’s Gaming Future

SCOPE Gaming Community’s Bengal Outreach Program intends to empower the future of Gaming in West Bengal.

Are you a student/ game wizard or a young game enthusiast passionate about gaming who wants to shape the future of gaming in Bengal? SCOPE Gaming Community is about to launch an inclusive outreach program designed to empower Bengal’s youth, foster collaboration among gaming companies, and reveal all of India’s enormous gaming industry opportunities. In addition to that, we have this ambitious dream of transforming Bengal as a key destination for global gaming industry.

Transforming Visions into Reality: SCOPE Gaming Community’s Outreach Program

Prepare yourself for an array of opportunities designed to foster talent development and foment a robust gaming ecosystem in Bengal:


  1. Free Workshops, Seminars, and Masterclasses:

Dive deep into game development, design, coding, storytelling, marketing and other disciplines through hands-on workshops led by industry professionals and gain skills essential for succeeding in gaming industry. Schools, Colleges and educational institutions are invited to join hands and leverage the masterclasses conducted by industry veterans.


  1. Webinars and Guest Speaker Series:

Connect with gamepreneurs, ESports champs, Founders and CEOs of game studios, Senior Government Officials and other influential figures through exclusive webinars and guest speaker series sessions, where you can gain valuable insights, futuristic trends, and actionable advice directly from gaming industry veterans/ Founders/ CEOs and Wizards.


  1. Partnerships, Collaborations and Competitions:

Form partnerships with educational institutions, tech innovators and industry leaders in order to associate on collaborative challenges and competitions to showcase innovation and augment the Bengal gaming landscape forward. Furthermore, studios from Hyderabad, Delhi, Telengana, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai are also contributing significantly to uplift the gaming scenario in West Bengal.


  1. Community Engagement and Networking:

Join an engaged network of peers, mentors, and industry professionals by contributing to forums, networking events, or collaborative initiatives which foster an engaging gaming ecosystem.


  1. Continuous Improvement and Feedback:

You are our source of change! We strive to meet the ever-evolving gaming industry needs with programs tailored specifically for you, aligned with both your aspirations and its constantly shifting dynamics.


Join SCOPE Gaming Community’s Bengal Gaming Circle

Participation in our Bengal Outreach Program is completely FREE and registration details and event schedules will be shared here regularly. For further updates regarding this revolutionary initiative follow us on social media channels or the website!


Why choose SCOPE Gaming Community?

SCOPE Gaming Community stands out as an unparalleled force, nurturing talent and pioneering innovations within gaming sphere.

Members of our Gaming community are eligible for the following:

Join Scope Gaming Community


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Gaming Community Forum:

Access to the community’s online platforms, such as forums, chat   rooms, and Discord servers.

Exclusive Gaming Events:

Participation in community events, such as tournaments, LAN parties, and social gatherings.

Awards and recognitions:

Eligibility for community awards and recognition

Early Access:

Early Access to new game releases.

Beta Testing & Feedback:

Opportunities for Beta Testing and share feedback with game developers.

Discounts and Deals:

Special discounts on gaming merchandise, hardware, or software from partnered brands or stores.


Expert Advice & Support:

Access to experienced gamers or mentors who can provide guidance, tips, and troubleshooting assistance.

Career Support:

Members are eligible for exclusive career support by Red Apple group in the form of scholarships, workshops, tutorials, webinars/ seminars, symposiums, academic courses, internships, placement support etc.

Exclusive Content & DLC:

Access to exclusive in-game content, downloadable content (DLC), or skins not available to non-community members.

Gaming Workshops and Webinars:

Opportunities to attend workshops, webinars, or sessions conducted by industry experts or pro gamers.

Partnership Opportunities:

Possibilities for partnerships or collaborations with game developers, sponsors, or brands due to the collective strength of the community.

Priority Access to Tickets:

Priority access or reserved tickets for gaming conventions, expos, or events happening in India.

game development course

Free subscription of e-magazines:

Members are eligible for free subscription of Scope gaming magazine along with dozens of international gaming magazine.

Mentorship from Veteran Professionals:

Gain expertise from those actively shaping the gaming landscape like Game Studio Founders/ accelerators

Practical Learning:

Engage in immersive sessions designed to develop key skills essential for success.

Networking Opportunities:

Expand horizons and possibilities by connecting with like-minded enthusiasts and industry insiders who will share in your experiences and knowledge.


Join SCOPE Gaming Community in Fueling Bengal’s Gaming Ecosystem! Set out on an exhilarating adventure as you discover all of India’s gaming industry has to offer! SCOPE Gaming Community welcomes passionate youth of Bengal to embrace this opportunity and shape the gaming ecosystem of Bengal!




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  • Srinjoy Pal February 29, 2024

    Hello, I’m Srinjoy, I’m organizing this gaming event in college, and let me tell you, it’s going to be epic! We’ve got a lineup of some of the most popular games like valorant ,BGMI, and FIFA. We’re also setting up a gaming tournament with cash prizes. It’s going to be a blast! 🎮😎. We would like to collaborate with you guys.

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