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E-Gaming Federation Join Hands with Maharashtra Government on Responsible Gaming

A prominent organization of India’s skill gaming industry, the E-Gaming Federation (EGF) has recently entered into a Memorandum if Understanding (MoU) with the Commissionerate of Health Services (Government of Maharashtra) to promote responsible gaming within the state of Maharashtra. The said partnership echoes EGF’s commitment to augur responsible gaming practices. The plan of action has been formulated with a comprehensive campaign that will prioritize awareness and ensure a safer gaming ecosystem for all players.

Highlighting the significance of responsible gaming, Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis emphasized the importance of social outreach campaigns to equip players with the necessary knowledge and tools to promote responsible behavior while gaming. As a forerunner in technology and innovative advancements, Maharashtra ranks among the top three Indian states for online gaming with two unicorn startups in Mumbai. While EGF being a strong proponent of responsible gameplay, is driving initiatives and establishing best practices within the industry. The proposed collaboration with Maharashtra Government reinforces E-Gaming Federation’ commitment to Indian gaming industry. The reported partnership with Maharashtra Government can certainly be defined as a milestone for New India, Digital India.

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In January 2023, E-Gaming Federation (EGF) did launch their Asli Gamer campaign. This campaign featuring Indian cricketer Shubman Gill and rapper Naezy attracted more than 2,00,000 gamers who pledged to uphold the virtue of responsible gaming. The campaign inspired and motivated players to adopt healthier gaming habits.

The partnership underlines the collective efforts to foster a responsible gaming ecosystem. The underlying objectives of the proposed collaboration certainly resonates with the time and Indian populace.


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